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1888 :    France’s first corrugated cardboard factory established in Exideuil.
1922 :    Lucien ROSSMANN establishes a flat cardboard factory in Strasbourg.
1938 :    The company starts manufacturing corrugated cardboard at the Sainte Croix aux Mines site in France.
1958 :    Corrugated cardboard factory established in La Vancelle, France.
1958 :    Sainte Croix site starts specializing in paper manufacturing.
1964 :    Bernard ROSSMANN joins the family business and becomes company chairman in 1970.
1979 :    ROSSMANN SAS takes control of SOFPO, a corrugated cardboard factory in Exideuil.
1985 :    Bernard ROSSMANN becomes Chairman of the CHARFA Group.
He acquires control of the Corrugated Cardboard sector including the companies CELTA, SICAL and VALSCIUS in 1988

The ROSSMANN Group begins its international expansion : in 1986 takes over SONACO (CôTE D’IVOIRE), one year later creates SONACEB (BURKINA FASO), ROMCARTON (ROMANIA) is taken over in 1990 and another company AMBRO (ROMANIA) already in 1996, Our Polish factory RAWIBOX together with KADEM (SPAIN) and SERVIBOX ( BELGIUM) were acquired to Rossmann Group in 1997. The last take over took place in 2007 and concerned SONAPACK (GHANA).

Company SICAL has been on unlisted securities market since 1998

Rossmann Group, with 23 factories in Europe and in Africa, has a strategy based on international synergy and close and good cooperation with the customers. As the specialist in corrugated cardboard packagings, French company is on the first place on the ratings in Europe and Africa.


A word from President of the Group, descendant of Rossmann Group founder:

"Looking ahead is about building the present with an eye on the future. It’s about designing a strategy that brings everyone together. It’s about anticipating the future need of all our clients and suppliers, and it’s about imagining today what packaging will be tomorrow. Looking ahead also means pushing back our boundaries so that we can achieve ever-greater success in our business."
Bernard Rossmann



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