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We began our activity in 1902 as the first factory of corrugated cardboard in Poland. In years 1945-1997 the company was acting as public corporation. Change of political system, will of further development, intention of keeping high position on the market and need of fulfilling requirements of quality, and which brings, need of capturing additional capital for the development, caused that in 1997 we started privatization of our factory by French company Sical belonging to Rossmann Group. Almost a year later the production was stared in the newly built spacious factory on the suburbs of the city. During recent years (2006-2007) we expanded our production hall and warehouse for the extra 4000sqm.

Currently we are the company with firm position on the market, distinguished with great product quality and high standards of customer service. We note constant growth of orders and higher number of customers satisfied with our cooperation.


Ogólne warunki handlowe