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RAWIBOX specializes in the production of corrugated cardboard in various grammage and with various covering and in production of coloured   corrugated cardboard packagings. Techniques of the printing used in Rawibox company belong to one of the most modern in the field of flexography.

Scale of the products is very differentiated:
       - single faced cardboard with B or C fluting
       - double faced cardboard with BC fluting
       - folded boxes, trays
       - die –cut packaging
       - boxes with automatic and semi-automatic bottom
       - american boxes
       - reinforcements
       - cardboard dividers, sheets and equipment of the boxes

Our products serve as packagings for F.M.C.G. products, for vegetables and fruits, for drinks, for home appliances and technical equipment. Our products are used as well for bulk packagings for medicines, hygienic products, shoes or for waste. They are used as well as the displays. The list of usage of our products is very long.

Packagings with F.M.C.G. products can be kept in industrial cold stores and refrigerators in stores.

Implemented system of quality ensures full efficiency of production together with keeping flexibility and ability to adjust to new requirements and to offering optimal solutions for customer needs.




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